Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Power Bones

When I was at the gym yesterday my trainer was trying to get me to have good form doing "power cleans."

(This is a power clean)

I don't like to have the bar land on my shoulders like that because it feels like it is going to break both my collar bones, and then I'd have to walk around with both my arms in slings for about three months.  My trainer assures me that the bar will not break my collar bones and with more practice of letting a huge, heavy weight bar pound repeatedly on my shoulder bones, I will develop "Power Bones."  I said, "...what???" and he said, "You know, power bones, like these," and he pulled his collar down and showed me his power bones.  They look dense and kind of stick out, like they are mostly scar tissue.  I said, "But I don't want power bones..."  and he looked at me like I was nuts.  Like, who wouldn't want power bones???  I don't want power bones.  Do you want power bones?  

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