Saturday, August 9, 2014


I hate drama and conflict.  I hate when people do things just for the sole purpose of making someone else feel bad so I'm not even going to go into great detail about the drama I have experienced this summer other than to tell you that it has happened at the rowing club between the "elite" set and the amateurs.  What I love about this whole topic is the way that some of the ladies on my team have handled. it.  I love my ladies. Today I'm going to tell you about Leigh.

When a team of my ladies were docking a quad one day, they bumped the dock.  Rowing shells are very delicate so it's never a good idea to run into anything.  Duh.  Everyone knows that, but docking is hard.  The ladies didn't do any damage to the shell, and certainly didn't want to dock the boat badly, but a woman from the more elite group saw it happen and barreled down to the dock and screamed her head off at my ladies. The coxswain in our team's boat, Leigh, is a retired police officer and triathlete.  She interrupted the screamer and told her not to talk to anyone of the ladies until they had gotten out of the boat.  (that's rowing protocol)  Once they got out of the boat Leigh calmly, quietly, and efficiently handled the screamer, reminding her that nobody WANTS to damage shells, mistakes happen, no damage was done, screaming doesn't solve anything, it just pisses people off, and finally she said, "You are not allowed to talk to me again," which is genius.

Another day we were carrying the 8 boat from the lake side and we set it down in slings to dry it off.  The same screamer came out and yelled about how we almost laid the boat down on the impeller (delicate plastic thingy on the bottom of the boat) and "everyone who knows anything knows not to do that."  Leigh handled it again saying, Thank you for your comments, and 1. We didn't lay it on the impeller.  2. If you thought we were going to lay it on the impeller, why didn't you speak up before we did it, and  3. I thought I told you you were not allowed to talk to me again.

I love that woman.

We have pretty accomplished women on our team.  Leigh was pretty high in the police ranks when she retired last year.  We also have a lawyer who is a retired FBI agent, a doctor, and several business owners.  I really can't believe the way that they (we) have been disrespected by a small contingent of other rowers and fellow club members.  I think the problem the other rowers have with our team is that for the most part, the women on our team are fearless.  A couple of our novice rowers (including Leigh) took out a double sweeper boat last week.  People were up in arms about it because usually it takes rowers three or four years to advance to that level.  It went fine.  They did very well.  It's not rocket science, it's moving a boat.

I think we need to start going to board meetings.  Well, the other ladies can.  I don't like conflict.  ;) 


  1. "You are not allowed to talk to me." Gawd that's awesome. Might use that one.

  2. Loved this post will have to take your advice! :)

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