Photo Album

Kira fishing with her face.
Me and my handsome husband
Me and Susie at horse camp
Me and a wolf
My favorite family picture.  Nice Muscle, Beth.  Nice face, Lorin.
Sam and me in Washington DC
Kira and Sam on a trail walk.  They got hot.

Testing Lake Superior
On the Canal
Our 4th of July chicken friend.
Cardboard ice cream truck parked against
 the wall so Kira couldn't get any business. 
Our family in CA
The kids having a BLAST with Senator Franken!
Petting a donkey with Auntie Sarah
GW and me holding hands
Kira Joy

Kira in Washington DC
One of the weirdest pictures of the kids ever
Sam showing Kira his guitar moves.

Ice show.  Amy and Beth in the middle.  

Sid, Kira and Sam swingin'
Me and my beautiful yellow banana-seat bike.  And Amy.