Thursday, September 13, 2012

School Picture Day

It was picture day at school today.  Of course, I forgot all about it and Kira looks like she slept on the streets last night.  Now that I am staff at the school, I had to get my picture taken too.  I've mentioned before how unphotogenic I am.  It's amazing, really.  I knew it was going to be weird but I'm resigned to looking like a fool in all pictures for the rest of my life.  I sat down on the little stool and the girl taking the photo kept looking at her monitor and then looking at me like she couldn't believe what was happening,

and she tried to position my head in all these weird, unnatural positions.  She took the first picture, looked at the monitor and actually blurted a laugh.  She said, "Let's try that again," and she repositioned my head.  She said, "Point your nose this way... too much, too much, back a little... other way a little.... okay.... um..........okay," and she took another picture.  This time she managed to not laugh out loud, but I was watching closely and she definitely stifled another one.  So we tried again.  This time she had me turn my head much like I had the neck flexibility of an owl, had me look slightly downward and avert my eyes from the camera.  She judged that that was the best of the three and sent me on my way.  It's going to be hilarious, I can just tell.

Kira is very photogenic, however, lately she has taken a couple of doozies.  The first was when we went to Valley Fair and she went on one of her first roller coaster rides.  It was a GIANT roller coaster and she was terrified.  On one of the hills there is a camera that takes a picture of all the people on the ride and they can look at it when the ride is over.  Mitch was making a fun face, Sam was super cool and pointed at the camera, Kira's friend was smiling, and Kira said she was making a "terror face."  I made her show me and it is hilarious.  She won't let me take a picture of it, but it is something like this:

Or this:

The other picture she took that sounds pretty funny was taken on the first day of school.  The last twenty minutes of the day all the kids in the whole school went out on to the soccer field for a huge group picture.  This is what Kira said to me when we got home, "Mom, for the big picture I was so happy because I got right in the front row.  I was feeling pretty cool.  Then right when he was about to take the picture I could feel a sneeze coming on and I thought I could hold it, but I couldn't so in the picture I'm doing this:"

But Kira's version has more teeth and less snot. That, of course, isn't Kira, because now that she is almost a teenager, she is too cool to let her mother take pictures of her making weird faces and posting them on the internet.  What is wrong with her?

I will post my school picture when I get it, and the big sneeze picture too, and I will try to get Kira to make her terror face and sneeze face for the blog but don't hold your breath.


  1. Thanks for reminding me that picture day is tomorrow.

  2. Ah come on Kira, I want to see the terror face!!!


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