Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Baby is 14!

Kira turned 14 the other day.  It is a tradition to take a nice birthday picture of the kids with their birthday cake.  Kira is difficult.  And maddening.  And hilarious.  I could not get a nice picture of Kira on her 14th birthday because she would not allow it.

I told her to stop it and let me get once nice picture.  She would agree, but a fraction of a second before the picture snapped, she made a face.

The girl can cross her eyes astonishingly fast.

After a while I gave up on a picture with the cake and just wanted a nice picture of my beautiful girl.

She would not have any part of it.

At this point, Kira said, "Mom, enough.  I'm starting to get a headache from crossing my eyes."  So we cut the cake and went downstairs to celebrate.

I thought I could pretend that I was reading something on my phone and get a clandestine picture of her eating her cake and looking like her adorable self.

No luck.

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