Thursday, November 13, 2014

I'm always right.

This morning I opened up my computer and the above Google Doodle popped up.  I didn't know what it meant and just assumed from the stars and space-like background, along with the horse trailer on prongs that someone was, for some reason, sending a horse trailer into space.  

Mitch got up and I showed it to him and said, "Hey look, someone is sending this horse trailer to space for some reason." 

Then he told me all about how it is the Philae Lander that was going to land on a comet.  He told me that it has harpoons on it to hook it to the comet in case it slipped when it landed because comets are made of ice. 

Then came the argument:

Me:  Space ice isn't slippery.  They don't need harpoons.

Mitch:  I'm just telling you what I read about it.  

Me:  Well, come on, space is really really cold.  Ice isn't slippery unless it is warm enough to melt.  It's only slippery when it melts.  

Mitch:  But it's a comet.  It's moving.  And the lander is moving.  It could slip.  

Me:  Maybe, but I'm just saying space ice isn't slippery.  They don't need harpoons.

Mitch: ........ two minutes ago you thought it was a horse trailer.  Why are we arguing about this???

Me:  Horse trailer or not, it's not going to slip.  

It landed today.  It's on the comet right now.  And you know what?  It didn't slip.  


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