Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Merry

Wow, what a week.  These really are the darkest days of the year aren't they?  Did you know there was a school shooting in Connecticut?  There was.  It was awful and now thanks to a 24 hour news cycle everyone can relive it every moment of every day.  In the little bit of TV news I have watched since last Friday I heard one political type on Fox news say that if the principal of that school had a similar semi-automatic, loaded and ready in her office, maybe this could have been avoided.  If this wasn't so grim and depressing and horrible that would make me laugh and laugh.  An elementary school principal with a loaded military rifle in her office.  That would be like Santa having a sleigh full of mustard gas "just in case." Oh. My. God.  I also heard a guy interviewed on NPR who has a mentally ill son and he said that it's easier in this country to get a semi-automatic weapon and  hundreds of rounds of ammo than it is to get mental health care.  Again, Oh. My. God.

Winter solstice is on Friday and after that the sun will shine longer and the days will get brighter and better. 

Unless the Mayans were right.  Then we're all fucked. 

Merry Christmas!


  1. I believe that it is easier to get a weapon and ammo than it is to get mental health care. The waiting list to get in to see the psychiatrist where I live is 4 months. My son just saw him in November and they couldn't get him in again until June. And he sees a counselor once a month but we were trying to get him in more and she's got 20 people on her waiting list trying to get their own time slot. If people in I. Falls put up as much of a fuss about the lack of mental health care here like they did about the possibility of the hospital not delivering babies, maybe the wait lists wouldn't be so ridiculous.
    P.S. If Mayans were so good about prediciting the future, they wouldn't be dead. L

  2. Amen. Amen. Amen. Merry Christmas.


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