Monday, October 20, 2014

Mommy's Precious Angel Baby Boy (Sorry, Sam)

Sam is in his senior year of high school.  Can you believe it?  I can't.  He had his senior pictures taken over the summer.

I remember when he started middle school.  The summer before he started sixth grade at his new school Kira, Sam and I drove over to the school to for a tour.  There was a big sign over the front door that said, "Home of the Hawks!"

Kira looked at it and said, "Hey Sam, when you go here you'll be a hog."

Sam said smugly, "Kira!  That sign says HAWKS, not HOGS!"

Kira said, "...I know what it says."

It was a pretty good burn for a second grader.

The first day of ninth grade I drove Sam to school.  He was a little nervous about starting high school.  We were listening to the radio and a new song came on that I liked so I turned it up to try to lighten the mood.  It was a good song:  happy, lots of whistling.  I didn't understand the lyrics because I'm old, but I thought it was saying something about a bucket.  Sam looked at me like I was weird.  Later I figured out why.  The song I was blasting for my baby on the first day of high school was "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People.  It's all about a kid shooting other kids in a school shooting type scenario.  The lyrics weren't saying, "[something something] my bucket!"  They were saying, "run better run, faster than my bullet"  HAVE A GREAT FIRST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL, HONEY!!!

Pretty soon my baby will be graduating from high school and will be a college boy.  He has big dreams of getting his own place and making tons of money and being an independent man.  I have big dreams of him staying at home and going to the community college a few blocks from my work and carpooling together every single day.

I think some compromises might have to be made.   

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