Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Boat Show

The Boat Show is in Duluth this weekend at the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center.  I don't find anything fun or entertaining about the boat show.  It's hot, crowded, boring and full of foods that seem like a good idea but then turn quickly into diarrhea.  (I'm talking to you, corn dogs and mini-donuts.)  All the men in my life are excited for the boat show.  I didn't really know why, besides looking at a bunch of boats nobody can afford to buy, but then I got to the bottom of it.  Sam said, "There is going to be a water-skiing squirrel there!"

Without thinking I said, "Oh Sam, water-skiing squirrels aren't really skiing, they are standing on a platform that has skis attached to it.  And the little boat isn't going fast enough to even convince anyone that he could be skiing.  The boat would have to go a lot faster.  He's not skiing, Sam.  He's just standing."

Sam said, "Oh......................... I didn't know all that."

I ruined it for my boy!  It's like I told him Santa isn't real.  Just because he's 19 doesn't mean my parenting duties are over.  How mean of me.

Mitch is going to the Boat Show too.  He was talking to his friend, Chuck, on the phone today, making plans to go and while he was talking I did this annoying thing I've been doing for YEARS.  He says something and I use a Beeker the muppet voice to mock him quietly in the background.  Like so:

Mitch:  I think I will head down to my office around five and do a couple of hours of work beforehand.
Me: Me me me me me me me me meme meme me me me me meme me me me me mememe.
Mitch: I think the doors open at five.
Me: Me me me me meme me me.
Mitch: I suppose I'll be done around six or seven, what's the hurry?
Me:  Me meme me me me meme me me me, me me meme?

Until today, Mitch has never ever said anything about me doing this very annoying thing.  Never once in years.  Sure, he leaves the room, but he has never actually asked me to stop or told me I'm annoying.  I took it as a sign that he likes it and would like me to keep doing it indefinitely.  That's fine with me because I really like doing it.

Today he got off the phone and said, "You know, people can hear you when you do that."
The damn burst.  I laughed way harder than was warranted because 1) He finally said something!  and 2) I KNOW people can hear me doing it!  THAT'S WHY I DO IT!

Then he said, "Boy.... Chuck really wants to see that squirrel."

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