Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beauty is in the eye tooth of the beholder

Mitch and the kids and I went to see that movie Here Comes the Boom with Kevin James as a teacher who goes on the ultimate fighting circuit to raise money for his school.  It wasn't a good movie, but the kids liked it.  Salma Hayek was in it and was gorgeous as usual.  I said something about how pretty she is on the way home, thinking Mitch would be all over that and he said, "Her teeth are weird.  It's like her molars are only about a millimeter long."

He sees a picture like the one above and now I know that he's not looking at anything but her back teeth and judging her negatively on their shortness.  Luckily for Mitch and I, my back teeth are looooooong..... ooo baby.....


  1. There were teeth in this picture?

  2. Salma says, "My teeth are up here, Joshua! UP HERE!!!"

  3. I hadn't scrolled down all the way-- so Salma was only visible from the neck up... I scroll and BOOOOOBS. And still, I could see were her teeth.

  4. That's too funny. Sorry the movie wasn't good. I like Kevin James.


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