Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vertigo is worse than most things

I've had vomit-inducing vertigo for almost a week.  I had to take a day off of work to let my sea-sickness medicine kick in.  The medicine mercifully eliminates the nausea and vomiting but otherwise is almost as bad as the vertigo itself.  Here are some of the side effects:  temporary vision loss, headache, drowsiness and vertigo. Which led me to think of things I'd rather have than this horrible affliction and its horrible treatment.

Things I'd rather do than have vertigo. Again.

grocery shop in the nude
let my carcass-eating dog lick me on the mouth
watch professional wrestling
vote republican
eat sauerkraut
lose a toe
get bad haircuts for the rest of my life
go to the dentist
get a root canal
get sprayed by a skunk
gain weight
go on a date with Mario Lopez
get a home perm
get syphilis


  1. I had that problem last spring; it was caused by medication I was taking for another problem. It's terrible! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. You already get bad haircuts.

  3. I know. It just doesn't seem fair.

  4. My brother had syph. He would not recommend it.

  5. I was a huge Hulk Hogan fan back in the day!! I LOVED going to wrestling!!
    Glad you're feeling better. And WTF? What causes that anyway?


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