Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Most Dangerous Gun

Kira: Dad, what do you think the most dangerous gun is made of?

Mitch: Cyanide

Kira: No I mean, what is the most dangerous gun?

Mitch:  I don't know.  An Uzi?

Kira:  I think it would be a gun that shoots gum.  You could shoot it into someone's mouth and they'd choke on it.

Sam:  What if someone right behind them gave them the Heimlich?

Kira:  Wouldn't work.  Gum is too sticky.

Sam: No it isn't!

Kira: Sure it is, watch.

(She then lodges her own gum in a position to block her own throat.  You know, to prove her stupid point.  Being that she's still alive and did not choke to death, Sam was proven to be right.)

Kira:  Oh, you're right, it slides right down.

Sam:  ..... Oh my god.


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