Sunday, May 26, 2013


I came home from work the other day and spotted Mitch relaxing in the hammock I got him for Father's Day last year and that he never uses.  I immediately went over to join him and you'd think I was trying to spray him in the face with the hose the way he jumped up (Or tried to jump up.  There is no quick jumping out of a hammock).  I had to literally push him back down while simultaneously trying to get on the hammock, and he couldn't really fight because if he did, he'd lose hammock-balance and would get flipped on to the ground.  We struggled like that for several seconds until he finally got away.  My question is this:  Why can't he just romantically laze in the hammock with me for a while?  I picture this:

"Ahhh... I love you."
But I end up with this:

"You fucker."

Hammock-snuggling is not that bad, MITCH.


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