Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Last weekend Mitch and his brother Mat brought all of our kids up to Rainy Lake to spend TWO WEEKS with their grandparents at the cabin.  The girls are going to attend a hockey camp.  While Mat and Mitch were there over the weekend they had to pack two weeks of parenting into a couple of days which resulted in some good "Dadisms" that I'm sure the kids will remember and tease them about for many years to come.  When the teenage girls got a little snotty and entitled and generally teenage-y Mat told them,
"I think you're special. Grandma thinks you're special.  But nobody else does and someday Grandma is going to die, and someday I am going to die. Then who will think you're special?  Nobody."
Thanks, Dad!

International Falls is a small town and the girls are planning to ride bikes around town which led to this exchange between Mitch, Mitch's dad, and the girls:
Mitch: This is a smaller town than you're used to.  The boys are going to be more aggressive here because they have to be.  
Mitch's Dad:  Yeah, you're going to have to skate harder to keep up with the boys.
Mitch:  You know I'm not talking about hockey, right?
Girls: ..... Yes.
Last year when the kids were getting ready to spend a few weeks at the cabin Mitch asked them if they were all packed which led to the inevitable sigh and strained whiny, "Yes, DAD." And Mitch said, "Do you have your toothbrushes?"  They didn't.  Then Mitch yelled this gem:

"Come on!  This isn't a holiday from hygiene!"
Which has had me laughing for over a year.  The kids still don't find it funny but someday they will.   

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