Monday, July 22, 2013

I've got what you're looking for

Every so often I look at my Statcounter page at my blog stats.  It tells me how many page views I get, and where hits come from, and most interestingly, what people typed into a search engine to get directed to my blog.  I think I am supposed to use that to cater my posts more to my audience.  You know, "know your audience?"  Ever heard of that?  Well, based on recent searches, I don't know how to cater to my audience.  They seem to be interested in animals:

"great white shark pooping"
"a pitcher of a sturgeon"
"monkey in make-up going to the gym"
"female sheep vagina"
"Teeth Of Cow"
"ugly llama"

Well, I know they didn't learn much about a great white shark pooping because when I read that I said, "Hey yeah, what's that like?" so I googled it.  The person curious about shark poop must have gone past a lot of sites to finally get to mine.  There are literally hundreds of videos of sharks pooping on the internet.  Hundreds.  Probably thousands.  God, I love the internet.

I don't really understand what the person who was looking for a "pitcher of a sturgeon" was looking for.  A fish you can drink?  A doctor you can drink?  Does he mean picture?  Does he mean surgeon?  I don't know.

I really want to know why someone wanted to see a picture of a monkey in make-up going to the gym. Generally I find that monkeys don't wear make-up when they go to the gym.  They just have to shower after the workout anyway so why waste the time and make-up?

I like how the sheep pervert specified that he wanted to see a female sheep vagina.  And I love that he got sent to my blog to find it.  Yes, I have featured pictures of some sheep nudes that I took myself on this blog, but don't worry, they were very classy.

Who googles "Teeth Of Cow"?  And why capitalize every word?  Is it a title?  Just a minute, I'll google it; nope.  Not a title, the first thing that comes up are the image results for cow teeth.  Lots of pictures of people prying open cow lips to show the cow's teeth.  Did I mention that I love the internet?

Much like the person who googled "female sheep vagina," the person searching for an ugly llama didn't have to be so specific.  All llamas are ugly.

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