Monday, July 1, 2013

Hidden Pictures

After dinner we were just sitting around and Mitch found a Highlights Magazine that we just got in the mail.  I don't know why we get Highlights Magazine.  I certainly never ordered it.  Our kids are teenagers, they don't read it.  I think Mitch ordered it.  Why would a 40 year old man want Highlights?  I wouldn't have known how to answer that question one hour ago, but since then Mitch has told me (although he didn't specifically admit he ordered it).  He said, "Highlights of this Highlights Magazine:  The picture find and the riddles.  Lowlights:  all the stories."  I happened to be at my computer while he was working so diligently on the picture find and I had the the chance to capture what happened after he got serious and got a marker.    

Mitch: ... Well... I'm really kicking ass now...

Mitch:  Yes.  Is this a toothbrush?  Yes.  It's gotta be.  Yes.

Mitch:  That is clearly something.  Is it a golf club?  Sure it is, but which way does it go?  Oh, that way.

Mitch:  What is this?  It's clearly something.  Is it a flower?

Me:  No, I think it's an egg.

Mitch:  There is no egg on the list.  It's not an egg. 

Mitch:  This looks like a sock but it's not on the list.  Why would they put a sock in here?

Me:  Are there bonus items?  Maybe it's a bonus item.

Mitch:   There are bonus items!  It's a bonus item!

Mitch:  Cupcake.... where's the fucking cupcake.  It's got to be somewhere.  

Mitch:  OH!  I've been looking at that egg all the time and it's the cupcake!

Me:  So you thought it was an egg too.

Mitch:  No, I said it's not an egg.  It's the cupcake.

Me:  (laughing)

Mitch:  WHAT?  I LIKE these!

Mitch:  I can't believe that dog didn't have anything on him.

Mitch:  I got an A on this.

Mitch:  (paging through the rest of the magazine)  Just because the kids don't like this magazine doesn't mean it's not a good magazine.  (continuing to page through)...... maybe it's not.  

Mitch:  Hey!  The riddles!  What will happen if you throw a white hat into the Red Sea?

Me:  It will turn pink?

Mitch:  No.  It will get wet!  

Me:  Ugh.

Mitch:  Why was the police officer always sleeping?  

Me:  (sigh)... I don't know.

Mitch:  She was "A-RESTIN'"!!!

Me:  Oh jeez.

Mitch:  Why did the mattress store employee get in trouble?

Me:  He was sleeping on the...HE WAS SLEEPING ON THE JOB!!!

Mitch: No, he was a pedophile.

(I don't think that last joke was actually in there)  Anyway, here is his hidden picture puzzle:



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