Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Delegator

This morning before I got up and went to work (I'm teaching summer school. And no, I am NOT crazy, why do you ask?) I woke Kira up and told her to scrub the shower because her miles-long hair clogs the drain, and her gallons of conditioner make a layer of slippery scuz on the floor.

When I got home the shower was clean.  I was happy.

Then Sam wandered up to me and asked, "Hey Mom, did you tell Kira to tell me to clean the shower this morning?"  I said, "NO, WHY?!"  He said, "Oh.  Well, I cleaned the shower."

I was immediately irritated with Kira.  That little turd, I thought.  I give her one thing to do and she pawns it off.  Ugh!  So I said to her, "I told YOU to clean the shower, not Sam.  Why did you tell him to do it?"  She could see I was annoyed and said, "Hey, the shower is clean, right?  What difference does it make who did what?"

She had a point.  Then I was irritated with Sam and said, "WHY on earth would I wake Kira up to tell her to tell you to do something?  Why would you even believe that?  Come ON!"

And then Sam felt like an idiot.

It was a win-win day for Kira.

She doesn't look like an evil genius.

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