Friday, April 9, 2010

Bowling Sucks, but Target Rocks

Our special-spring-break-activity for today was bowling and it was a FIASCO.  Turns out Kira is not the gifted bowler she thought she was after getting near perfect scores on the Wii.  Those pesky real-life balls are HEAVY.  And she is not a gracious loser.  I wasn't even beating her, I was just doing my best, which is poor, but she was enraged and teary every time I knocked a pin down.  I wanted to take a picture of her cute little face full of bowling angst, but she wouldn't let me.  We played one game with the bumpers down and here's the score in the middle of it:

Then we played one with the bumpers up and strangely enough, we weren't much better. 

So we decided to call it quits after that because it was NO FUN.  We got in the car, and had a loud dance party, and then went to Target to soothe the savage beast in both of us.  Ahhhhh Target, you're so wonderful.

When we were checking out I saw Kira watching the cashier, who was very androgynous-looking.  I actually saw her looking for clues that would lead her to the conclusion as to the gender of the clerk and was SO HAPPY she is old enough that she knows "are you a boy or a girl" is not a question people like to be asked.  I saw Kira look at the name tag.  It was a name fitting either a boy or a girl, so that was no help, then I saw her look to the person's chest for boobs, but that was also inconclusive, then Kira noticed the huge engagement ring on her finger and that seemed to settle her mind.  When we got to the car she told me she couldn't tell if that was a boy or a girl.  I admitted it was a bit confusing, and that when I see people like that I wonder if anyone ever looks at me and wonders if I'm a man or a woman.  Kira said, "Huh... yeah, I wonder." 

Later I'm going to teach Kira what "fishing for compliments" means and show her how to properly respond to someone who is doing it. 

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  1. Bowling is so frustrating! We got a Wii and when I bowl on that I'm fierce. Imagine my surprise when I went real bowling and barely cleared 70. You're right - those balls are HEAVY.


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