Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break

Today Kira (who is on spring break) and I went over to Wisconsin to see if they had any chicks at Dan's Feed Bin.  If you don't know it, Dan's Feed Bin is the greatest store in the world.  It's the poor-woman's petting zoo.  Today they had several varieties of chicks in huge tubs that Kira almost forced me to buy.  Seriously, she was bullying me and I almost gave in.  (Don't tell her that.)  They had doves, a tuxedo cat, some parrots, some parakeets, a guinea pig, and some canaries.  They also sell veterinary medicine to farmers.  Every time I go in there I contemplate buying penicillin in bulk for when we need it.  It's super cheap when you buy it for a horse as compared to when you buy it for a human. 

Then we went out to lunch at Culvers and had our usual:  burger, cheese curds and custard for dessert.  (my heart hurts)

Then we went to the animal shelter (the other poor-woman's petting zoo) and petted some cats.  Oh my god, it stunk in there today.  It was just so gross.  Kira said it smelled like Subway when they were making sandwiches with feta cheese.  Yuck.

We walked through the dog part of the shelter and there was a dog there that was so cute and so sweet I wanted to get in his cage with him.  I reached for the latch and Kira said, "What do you think you're doing?"  I told her I wanted to get in there and pet him good.  Kira was being all responsible and told me she thought that was a dumb idea and not to do it.  Kira told me that!  I did it anyway.  The dog went nuts.  It was so excited to see me that it was jumping all over the place.  It was huge.  The door slid shut behind me and latched.  I was locked in.  Thankfully Kira had the sense to stay out.  I told her to open the door for me.  She stood there without moving and said, "I told you not to go in there."  I said, "KIRA, OPEN THE DOOR!"  and she did.  It was quite a task getting out without the dog.  He was super strong.  Kira didn't help at all.  She just kept saying, "I told you," over and over.  Annoying.  Here he is:


  1. Love him! He's a doll. Cheesecurds and custard are also on my love list.

  2. How could you not take him home with you??? He's super cute...says the lady with two dogs, two kids and a cat.... :)Your yard is MUCH bigger than mine!

  3. I like your frugal petting zoo idea. I take Corine to Petsmart to see all the lizards and fish. She loves that, and it doesn't cost anything.

    I could not go to the animal shelter, though. I'd come home with all those sweet animals and then Brian would kill me. That's very sweet that you do that though.


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