Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Be careful what you wish for...

Well don't you all just loooooooove the idea of me sending my sister who is in Afghanistan a picture of myself with the worst haircut ever given to anyone who has had haircuts.  I have spent most of the past four days trying my hardest to keep my head from looking like a fat bird, but last night I stopped the constant smoothing for a while and then took some pictures of myself for my sister and I SENT THEM TO HER.  Are you all happy now?  I did that for my own personal troop.  What are you doing for your troop?  Don't have a troop?  You can share mine.  She says she loves getting mail over there so send her something.  Some magazines, or some gum, or some cookies, some holiday decorations, or some pictures of YOU with a bad haircut.  Her address is:

LCDR Amy Lindahl
FOB Tarin Kowt
APO AE 09380

Send her something, Smarties. Now I know you are all dying to see my crazy awful bird hair so I am going to post it, but this is not for you, dear reader, this is also for my troop because nothing makes a sister happier than when another sister looks silly, right Amy?  Right, Beth?  Right sisters all over the world?  (And also because Amy has a blog and I wanted to scoop her on this hot story.)

There must be some magical under-cutting on the sides that I can't find because without constant management those wings want to fly.

Side view.  There is nothing in the back to support those wings.  And nothing on the top to hold them down.  Just fluffy feathers.
This is just for Amy and Beth.  A gross, lipless, multi-chinned oversmile.  You're welcome.


  1. Well played, hair stylist. Well played...

  2. i called my salon and told them that this last cut was the worst cut i've ever had. i can only go to a salon once, and then i have to go to a new one. it's like the stylists don't want loyal customers.

  3. Well, your photo did not disappoint. The blue berka may be the only answer.

  4. Honestly, I see where the stylist was going with that cut. It's jazzy, Sarah. I see a lot of St. Olaf students with similar cuts. These are kids who are on the, er, cutting edge of fashion. I say wear it proudly. Pretend you're someone else until it grows out. Others make fun, but I like it. Trust me, coming from someone who has a bad hair LIFE, that's a high compliment. Check this out:

  5. Wait- St. Olaf is a real place...??? I thought it was a made up town where Rose Nylund, from Golden Girls, was from. THIS POST IS BLOWING MY MIND.

  6. St. Olaf is a fancy private college in Northfield MN.

  7. This post is the best thing that's happened to me all deployment. Even if I DID get scooped (since I was having a moral dilemma about it in my mind I post the pics or not?), it was WELL worth it. The photos are being printed as we speak and are going up on my office wall for those days that I think NOTHING can be worse than Afghanistan....I can just look up at your picture and be reminded 'yes, yes it can....' ;-) Love you, Sarah!! Thanks for looking out for your troop!!

  8. I'm speechless. You should get one of those Justin Beiber stocking hat things........all the kids wear them..........

  9. Who did this to you??? Seriously, I wanna punch 'em.


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