Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Decision 2012

This is a Facebook chat between my sister and me this morning:
Amy: I DO have a package to send you....since I didn't get you a b-day present....

Me: Is it a blue burka?

Amy: I got Sid and Mills some 'jewels' at the bazaar last weekend. And no, it's not a blue burka. You're NOT getting a blue burka. Those are creepy.

Me: But that's what I want!!! I got a horrific haircut on Saturday. I've never wished more for a blue burka.

Amy: I want to see a picture. And I'll see what I can do....there's certainly enough of them around here. Geez.

Me: No pictures. Just imagine a fluffy fat bird with teeny little wings. That's my hair.

Amy: HA HA! PICTURE!! Come on....your followers would LOVE it!!

Me: No. It's too horrible. That's why I need a burka.

Amy: NO you don't! What does Kira say about it?

Me: I would wear the burka and say it is in protest of the taliban, but really I'd just be waiting for my horrid haircut to grow out. Kira calls me "Sir."

Amy: HA HA HA HA HA!! I'm going to tell her to take a picture and send it to me....

Me: No.

Amy: Come on, that would be a GREAT Christmas present!! Framed, please.

Me: I will send you one of my school pictures.

Amy: No, I've already seen that.

Me: But it's a professional portrait!

Amy: Sarah, I'm in AFGHANISTAN. Don't you want to lift my spirits? I won't be able to Afghanistand it if you don't....

Me: Oh.... My .... God.... That was horrible.

So, should I throw vanity and self-respect to the wind and send her a picture of my horrific hairdo? Or do I say tough shit, I will not sacrifice my dignity for the cause of troop morale and just send her some gum instead? You, my readers, get to decide. Vote in the comments...


  1. Show us the picture and we'll vote on whether to send it or not. (You're welcome, Amy.)

  2. Don't you have any pictures of her with a bad haircut to send?

  3. Pix, definitely. Send them to her right after you send them to us.

  4. Hey, she's serving her country; protecting your freedom! Send her the damned pic! lol

  5. Yeah, send her the pic. But you'd better let us see it first in case it's too scary.

  6. Don't be so ego driven and send the picture. I just had chemo and all my long hair AND beard fell out, which was very much a part of my identity (or so my ego thought at the time) but i still had to go out in public. Just pretend you are starting a new trend!


  7. Oh sure, take her side just because she's in AFGHANISTAN... Well FYI, I DID send her the pictures of my hair and she was appropriately shocked and horrified. NOW I think we should vote on whether she should send me a burka or not, Smarties.

  8. Send the burka ........... then we can see if you wear it to school on a bad hair day when you don't shower. Bet you will. You will somehow turn it into a lesson.

  9. What a great sister!! She DID send me the pics and my exact response was, "What....how....why....WHAT!?!" I told her I was going to blog that night so I knew she was going to beat me to the punch. Glad you did!! It IS a BAD haircut but you pull it off somehow... ;-)


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