Saturday, October 29, 2011

Continuation of my "Gift"

Directions from the sisters on this self-portrait as we were standing in line waiting to get into the Mount Vernon Mansion: "Let's look up (to minimize double chins) and off into the distance (to look contemplative and beautiful and deep)."  Needless to say, it didn't work out!  Son of a bitch!  I don't look contemplative and beautiful!  I look like a dork.  I actually look like I'm honking.  Amy didn't do much better.  She looks crazy.  Beth looks okay, but she didn't follow directions.  Notice the guy behind us giving us the rabbit ears.  If this would have actually turned out to be the only good picture of me in the history of the world, I would have punched him in the guts for ruining it.

Take two:  Not much better.  Amy is still laughing hysterically about take one, I don't know what I was doing.  What is wrong with me?  Beth is actually following directions and does look contemplative and deep.  Good job, Beth.  Connnnnnnngggggggrrrraaaatttuuuuuullllaaaaattttiiiooooooonnnnnnsssssssssssss.


  1. I'm thinking about lipo to get rid of my double chin... it's starting to sag. ewwww.

  2. You sorta look like Steve Carrell on the cover of my 40 Year Old Virgin dvd.


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