Monday, October 3, 2011

Kira in the Car

Today on the way to hockey Kira was unusually quiet.  Mitch said, "What are you thinking about?"  Here is their conversation:

Mitch:  What are you thinking about?

Kira:  About a pigeon.

Mitch:  What about a pigeon?

Kira:  I want to get a pigeon and sharpen its beak a little bit every day, and feed it a tiny bit of lead every day.

Mitch:  Why?

Kira:  Then when its beak is sharp enough and has enough lead, I'll teach him how to write, you know, like a pencil.

Mitch:  ....But why???

Kira:  Then after he learns to write I'll teach him how to do math so I don't have to do it.


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