Monday, October 31, 2011

Corn Husk Lady

When my sisters and I went to Mount Vernon last Saturday, it happened to be Family Fall Festival Fun Day, or something like that.  That meant that it was rather crowded with people with little kids which was obnoxious.  Not because I mind little kids.  What annoys me are the super parents who are obviously making up for something by being WONDERFUL PARENTS in public in the loudest fashion they can manage.  After we parked the car and were walking to the property, we were sort of in a crowd of people walking the same way, and one of the people was a little girl named Zoe, although I'm almost positive her parents spell it with umlauts, but since I don't know how to make umlauts on the computer, I'll just settle for writing it the pedestrian way, Zoe.  I know Zoe was in the crowd with us not because Zoe was being naughty, or running into the street or anything, I knew her name was Zoe because her dad was being SUPER! and kept saying her name. "Having fun yet, Zoe!" "Zoe, let's race!" "Zoe, hop on my back and I'll run and make really loud plane noises in a fun way that's really irritating to anyone within twenty yards."

Before we even got in the doors my sisters and I gave each other conspiratorial looks that said, "First thing: Ditch Zoe."  Which we did.  It was a gorgeous day to be at Mount Vernon, (but then again, there isn't a bad day at Mount Vernon), so we walked all over the property and saw the gardens and there was a special festival down by the threshing barn and there was a George Washington impersonator talking about the revolutionary war.  He was very compelling, but didn't look like Washington.  He looked like Henry Winkler. (I wonder if it was Henry Winkler? OMG!)

In one of the barns people in old-timey clothes were helping people make corn husk ladies.  Amy and Beth and I made some.  Amy's was perfect.  (I think she makes them in her free time.)  Beth's was weird.  It had a tiny pin head and three arms.  How do you even get three arms?  Mine was okay but only because I re-did it about four times until I was satisfied.  I love her with her crazy hairdo and her nutso face.

I took her with me everywhere.  Here she is in front of the Washington Monument.

Here she is peeking over a wall at the WWII Memorial.

Here she is with the Empire State Building.

And her she is spying on Amy over the bathroom stall.  Oh Corn Husk Lady, you're so silly!


  1. Creepy Corn Husk Lady Doll, especially over the stall door.

  2. Corn Husk Lady had a great time, apparently!

  3. Oh my are hilarious. I love Corn Husk Lady. (And I am glad you ditched Zoe-with-umlauts.)


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