Friday, December 9, 2011

Book Club

Hi.  I'm teaching high school right now.  Well, not really.  It's my lunch break and I'm writing on the blog, so I'm not teaching anyone anything.  I like this teacher.  He seems to have his act together.  The kids have been super. 

I had book club last night and every time it's a book club day and it gets later and darker, I think to myself, "Oh geez, I don't want to go outside in the cold and drive and freeze my butt off, and park blah blah blah, lazy, lazy, lazy;  but every month I do it and I am so glad I did because those ladies are so much fun. 

Last night we talked about the book for a while (A Circus in Winter), and the general concensus was "eh."  That took about ten minutes.  Then we picked a new book (Undead and Unwed), and then we gabbed for about two hours on a variety of topics such as:

- when do our teenage sons start secretly looking at porn on their various electronic devices and what we should do about it and HOW GROSS IS THAT?  (answers ranged from "ick, I would pretend I didn't know" to "I'd make him watch it with me and tell me if he thinks the actors' parents are proud of them."

- how some of our kids get bullied at school or are struggling with some pretty awful social situations and what we should do about it.  (general concensus:  take the low road and make the little fuckers hurting our little angels PAY.)

- if the show Game of Thrones is or is not about lesbians. (is not)

- don't buy boots from because apparently the little Chinese children who make them aren't very concerned about quality.

- a general inquiry into when in your life your eyebrow hairs and pubes stopped knowing that they aren't meant to grow long and luxurious, (after the first baby) and what happens when your surgeon sews your C-section scar crooked (long and luxurious pubes grow at a jaunty angle).

- what is anus bleaching, how did it get so stained anyway; and how terrible a job is that?

And my favorite quote from the whole night was
"I've always considered myself low-maintenance but after today I'm beginning to wonder."
That had me laughing all night.  Then we picked our next meeting place and went home.  I am refreshed for another month.  Then today Dana, our leader, sent out an email that summed up the night with bullet points for the ladies who didn't make it.  It was so funny I stole the idea for this post.  Thanks, Dana!  Thanks ladies!  See you next month!


  1. That was awesome. Made me wish I was in a book club!

  2. Dana McKibbage WaldbilligDecember 10, 2011 at 10:56 PM

    We do have the greatest bookclub ever! Sarah, you are such a great addition. If I can make you laugh just once, I consider the meeting a success. I guess last week was a slam-dunk! I continue to question my low-maintenance-ness, but I'm getting better. Now I'm more concerned about my chin hairs.

  3. wish i could do a book club... i read sooooo slowly. i don't need an entire club to know.


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