Tuesday, June 5, 2012

First World Problems

It's been a stressful few weeks around our house.  The end of school always causes a little stress because I, for one, don't deal very well with transition.

Sam is stressed because if he doesn't perform well on his finals, he might not make the honor roll and if he doesn't make the honor roll he can't get his license, which has been the dream of his entire life.

Kira thinks she's going to get a B or possibly even a C in math (gasp) and she's horrified at the thought of it.  

Half my garden died within a week of my planting it.  I should have taken a picture of it.  It was so sad.  I think the plants either froze or got drown by the recent monsoons.

Mitch had a truly awful day recently and he was telling me all about it and then he ended it with, "... and to top it all off, a dragon fly landed on me, right on my lips. I couldn't slap it, I couldn't blow it away, I couldn't do anything until it flew away," which made me laugh thinking of Mitch walking around for half of his shitty day with a dragon fly on his mouth.  Turns out it was only on there for a few seconds.

Now I have to run because the hummingbird feeder is empty and the bossy little birds feel entitled to their free sugar so much that they keep bumping into the window as if to say, "Hey lady!  Get off your ass and fill the good feeder!  We don't like the other three that are almost exactly the same!"


  1. I confess, if I were you, I'd be secretly delighted that your son can't get his driver's license....delay that headache as long as possible!!! I think when my sons started driving and being out in the family car evenings was when I started getting gray hair!!

  2. If he doesn't get it this year I will not be shedding any tears, that's for sure!

  3. could have been worse... could have been a dragon on his lips all day. that would suck.

  4. Think of your faithful readers as hummingbirds. When you don't give us a new post every couple of days we buzz around and bang our tiny heads into your computer screen, "Hey lady, get off your ass and write a new blog!"


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