Monday, June 11, 2012

Shady Lady

Other than the yard sale I wrote about in the last post, we spent the weekend at the lake because it was so HOT.  The cabin is Kira's absolute favorite place in the entire world.  When we were driving up to the Falls on Friday, we got a few miles from home and I said to Kira, "Do you have your swimsuit?" and she didn't so we turned around and went back so she could get it.  Saturday evening we went out to the cabin and Kira said, "I forgot my suit at Grandma's.  Oh well," and then jumped in the water with all her clothes on because nothing is going to keep her out of the water.

Sam, Mitch and his brother, Mat worked on the silly little boat Mat got a few years ago that they call "The Shady Lady."

I mostly enjoyed watching Mitch work on the boat while lying on his stomach on the dock.  Look at his feet:

He would have been a fantastic ballerina.


  1. i'm afraid of water that i can't see through... but lakes are way safely than oceans - or rivers.

  2. That water doesn't look nearly warm enough to warrant anything deeper than an ankle.


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