Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Priorities and Anniversaries

Yesterday I was driving around, running errands and I heard on the radio that Venus was in front of the sun and could be seen and looked like a little black freckle.  Naturally I immediately looked up for the sun to see if I could see Venus.  As I was craning my neck around, while driving in traffic, to look directly into the sun, I heard the radio broadcaster say, "DO NOT look directly at the sun."  And I said to myself, "Oh yeah, no duh."  Then I thought, "Hey, I'm wearing sunglasses.  I could look at the sun for just a second!"  And I looked up again to see where the sun was and at just that moment I heard the broadcaster say, "It is never safe to look at the sun, even with sunglasses."  And I thought, "Crap! I want to see Venus, but I also don't want to be blind, or get into a car crash!"  So I decided to take their word for it that Venus was in front of the sun for the last time in about a hundred years and I missed seeing it myself because I value my non-burned retinas.  Priorities, man.

In other news, my parents are having their wedding anniversary today!  Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad, from your favorite and smartest (see above) daughter!


  1. Not wise to stare at the sun while driving; good decision to pass on seeing Venus in front of the sun. Happy anniversary to your folks.

  2. That's why I only looked with one eye open.

    Congrats to your parents on their anniversary!

  3. hahahhahahah - i kept singing "there's a little black spot on the sun today..."

    Happy Congrats to your mom and pop!


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