Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to Amy!

Today is my sister Amy's birthday.  I wanted to write a special post today to honor her because she is about the best sister a girl can have.  She will be leaving in several weeks to go to Afghanistan for the navy (yes, the navy). Her job is to help people in a rural province learn about their government ("we have a government?") and to make them aware of money and programs they are entitled to.  If anyone can win over hearts and minds, Amy can.  

Even though she is one of the nicest people I know and it's her birthday doesn't change the fact that I am her big sister so I can't really help but post embarrassing pictures of her.  It's like it's my job.  

 Just because we were teenagers and we spent the summers on a houseboat at the lake didn't mean we didn't want to look nice.

This is Amy and Beth on their first day of school.

She's dainty, and if you don't agree, she will punch you in the face.

The costume designers of the ice show thought it was fun to put big hats on Amy's big head.  She played Mayor McCheese one year.  

Oops!  That's not Amy!  Here she is:

Honest mistake!

Happy Birthday, Amy!  I love you!


  1. Ha ha! I like how you slipped a picture of yourself with the helmet and the glasses in there. Pretty funny! Happy Birthday, Amy!

  2. Ha ha!! Love the pics!!! You are very lucky to have her as a sis!!

  3. LOVE IT!! Happy Birthday Amy!

  4. Awesom photos! Happy birthday to Amy, and thank her for her service.


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