Thursday, August 9, 2012

When does school start?

Summer is getting long.  I can tell because one of the things Kira and I have been doing to keep ourselves entertained is to talk (yell) to each other in an overdone British accent.

Kira:  Mumsie!

Me:  Yes Bibsie?

Kira: Whut aaa you making foa dinnaa?

Me:  Why, Bibsie, we aaa having rewsted chicken and mashed pohtahtoes.

Kira: Capital, Mumsie!  I can't wait!  You know how I love my pohtahtoes mashed!

Sam: (rocketing out of his room) Oh my god, why do you keep talking like that?!

Kira:  Oh, deaa bruthaa, you shouldn't talk to yoa mumsie that way!

Sam:  I'm sorry, but please, please please shut UP!

Kira:  Sam stop ova-reacting or you will end up pewping yoa pants!

Sam:  Mom, please, make her stop.

Me: Oh, my daaling boy, I don't do things foa people who tell me to shut up.

Kira:  Bewbs!

Sam:  I wasn't telling you to shut up, I was telling her to shut up!

Me:  Whateva foa?

Kira:  Bewbs!

Sam: ...Jesus.

It's fun, but even I have to admit that after a while it gets a little obnoxious.  Kira just walks around the house all day constantly monologuing what she is doing in her high pitched, incredibly loud accent.  I was about to tell her to stop it yesterday but then she got me laughing so hard I couldn't even talk.  She was making herself a drink of flavored water with this stuff Mitch bought the other day called Green Thunder.  Mitch always says it in rumbling voice much like a professional wrestler, like this:  GREEN THUNDER! so now everyone in the house says it like that.  This is what Kira said to make me laugh:

Kira:  Well, Mumsie, I am getting raathaa thirsty.  Whut shall I have to quench my thuuuust?  I didn't realize I was so paaached!  Have we any iced tea, Mumsie?  Oh I know, I'll have some GREEEEEN THUNDERRRRRR!....

And that is when my mind finally snapped and I've been laughing ever since.  When does school start?  Seriously, Sam wants to know.


  1. Have u seen the movie "Just Go With It" with Adam Sandler and Jen Aniston? The girl that plays Jennifer's daughter likes to speak with a British accent and it's kinda funny. Hello Guvnah!

  2. Sometimes I would just like to be a little mouse at your house, to see these episodes. You crack me up!


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