Sunday, September 16, 2012


I think I have been having a bout of mania.  I can't seem to stop my mind from racing a million miles a minute and I have gotten more done the last week than I have in the past six months.  Now I see the allure of crystal meth, I have all the productivity but without facial scabs and rotten teeth...  Well, without facial scabs.   I don't even want to list the things I've done because A) it's boring, and B) it would just make me tired to think of it all again.  Does that sound braggy?  Because it kind of is.  However, I would really like my mind to slow down and relax a little bit but until I get settled in my job, I don't think I will be able to.  Oh well.  Better than being depressed and not being able to do anything.

I had book club this week.  We met at a Thai restaurant and when I told Mitch he said, "Whoever chose that place doesn't have any nerve endings in their mouth."  He went there once and apparently what he had was spicy, which isn't saying much because we think ketchup has a little too much zing sometimes.  I had something delicious and non-spicy.  The ladies were hilarious, as usual.  I actually did a spit take with my water at one point because some of the ladies were talking about people jumping off a tall building in Duluth where some of them work.

this building

Apparently one time a woman went there for a medical appointment of some kind and while her husband was in the waiting room she went up to the roof and jumped.  Someone said, "I wonder if he saw her do it?" and the lady who told the story said, totally seriously, "I don't know...  I don't know the speed at which she flew by."  That's when I almost choked on my water.  It was funny.

We also talked about my cute dentist.  I told them that Mitch thinks the next time I'm there and he has his cute little hands in my mouth, I should lick his fingers and make eyes at him.  The ladies all think that is a great idea, which makes me wonder if they are really my friends because I'm pretty sure that wouldn't end well for me.  Or maybe it would..... hey...

Hopefully this week I will get a handle on my new life and get back to my old self.  Until then I will get all the things done that I have been putting off for the past five years.

Have a great week!


  1. Sounds like you've been busy in good way!

  2. the jumper a true story? Why does this make me worried?!

  3. Hey Sarah....catching up on your blog and I saw this picture and thought HEY I used to work in that buidling. And then I continued to read....I worked in that buidling when that happened, in the office where the husband was waiting. I remember that day quite well. How sad. Our office had a door out to the roof, a roof area that wrapped around the back side of our office. Third floor....first landing after roof and before ground. Not a good day at work.

    Jill (sorry I am anonymous!)


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