Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Okay, I've got some time to write for a few minutes because Kira is supposed to be cleaning the kitchen and I have to sit here and watch her and remind her of something she skipped about every ten seconds when she enthusiastically says, "Ok, I'm done!" when all I really want to do is go downstairs and play Mario Kart.

So, as I told you earlier, I got a job.  I wasn't going to take it because the job I applied for was a .4 position, (less than half time, paid hourly, no benefits).  After my interview they called me up and offered me a .8 position, which is mostly full time, pretty good salary, and benefits.  I still almost said no.  The .4 job I applied for was to teach reading to 7th and 8th graders for two class periods a day.  The two periods that it happens is over the lunch period and the kids in the class are all coming and going at different times.  Yuck.  I thought the .8 position was to teach twice as much reading to 7th and 8th graders.  Ugh.  But I lucked out.  I get to teach reading to sixth graders, who are still incredibly cute.  Something happens between 6th and 7th grade and kids get mealy and stinky and snotty and they are not very much fun, collectively.  I teach two sections of 6th grade language arts, so I'm with kids four hours a day and the rest of the time I am frantically trying to do in one week what I would have done over a whole summer had I been hired before the summer.  But I wasn't.  I get my own room and don't have to share it with anyone which is so nice.  I don't have to travel between schools like a lot of teachers do either.  And I get to teach 6th grade!  Did I mention that?

I know about half the kids in my classes from when I subbed over the years.  Some of them I have known since pre-school.  I think after I get caught up and am not feeling so overwhelmed, it will be a sweet job.  


  1. that sounds so awesome! the one good thing you can say about being dumped into it right away, though, is that you didn't have time to over think it. the nervous nelly in me appreciates that at times. :) 6th grade is such a great age! plus, reading. oh, how i love reading. yay!

  2. I think that sounds like a fantastic job.

  3. they could read your blog posts... congratulations Sarah! 6th grade; just like dear old dad! cute!

  4. Congratulations! Sounds like a great job.


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