Friday, June 25, 2010

Busy day!

The kids and I got up early this morning and drove to International Falls because it's one hundredth anniversary (birthday?) of the Boise Paper Mill.  Boise had a party in the park for the community so we went to get some free stuff and see people.  You will never guess who I ran into, Kady Hexum of the Kady Hexum blog fame (see my blog list). 

She's REAL!  She was hilarious and Beth and I chatted with her for a long time.  When we got home I was telling my mom that I ran into someone from high school that I hadn't seen since high school (not Kady) and inside of five seconds she annoyed me as much as she ever did in high school.  Sam said, "Oh, you mean that short-haired blond lady?  She was annoying."  Sorry Kady!  I didn't think you were annoying! (much)

Later we went on a tour of the paper mill.  I grew up here and had never been inside the mill before.  Now I know all about it.  And I got to wear a hard hat, but for some reason we couldn't take any pictures there (paper secrets) so sorry, no pics.  It's really loud in there.  I would hate that.  Except you could go on a farting free-for-all and nobody would ever know because they couldn't hear it and the wood pulp would disguise the smell.  That and a paycheck would be the only plusses of working there.  I got lots of free paper. 

Tomorrow everyone who lives on my parent's street is having a garage sale so Sam and Kira hauled some of their crap up here to sell.  We were marking the stuff today and I asked Kira, "How much do you want for this big dog? She said, "Hm... free I guess."  I told her that she didn't haul it all the way here not to at least try to sell it and said, "How about 50 cents?"  Then she said, "Better make it two dollars."  There's no rhyme or reason to her pricing.  We spent the week cleaning out her room.  She's a pack rat.  She had a bucket full of candy wrappers that she was saving because she thought they were pretty.  That is just the tip of the iceberg.  (We're not selling those at the garage sale.)


  1. Who did you see from high school??

  2. Anne....I think she is ignoring us. Maybe she will send an email?

  3. What is pointing at Kady's left shoulder?

  4. A wiener. And that is the answer to all of your questions, btw.


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