Monday, June 14, 2010

On the Road

Sam, Kira and I drove home from International Falls today.  We decided to take it easy and make a few stops and take some pictures since I had my camera the entire weekend and didn't take one picture.  First we stopped at the big, saddled walleye in Kabetogama.  Sam, being a teenager, groaned and pretended he didn't want to pose in the saddle while his mommy took his picture, when we all know inside he was dying to do it.  Oh well, while he dragged himself out of the car, pretending to be reluctant, Kira raced up for her picture.

Awesome.  I wanted a picture with them both in the saddle, so Kira slid forward to make room, but Sam refused.  This is as close as I could get him to Kira and the saddle.

Look at all the room on that saddle!  What a party pooper.  I thought maybe if he could have the picture all to himself without Kira he'd be a little happier.  He wasn't.  I finally got him to get up into the saddle by threatening to not leave until he did.  So he did.

He even looks quite happy, but if you'll look down to the lower left, you'll see Kira horning her way into his walleye-saddle solo by sticking her head in the fish's mouth.  I didn't even notice she did that until I came home and looked at the pictures. While we were there Kira made me promise that if she ever catches a walleye this big and tames it and trains it to wear a saddle and swim around with her on its back, I will let her keep it.  I said no. 

Next we stopped at a gas station that has some deer behind a fence.

We got some corn and a deer came over right away.  Every time I tried to get a picture with all three looking at me the stupid deer would turn around.  Jerk.

Finally!  Two human faces and a deer face!  There was also a peacock behind the fence with a ratty looking tail.  He stayed way on the other side of the pen most of the time we were there, but something about us caught his fancy and he charged toward us.

The kids acted all brave but if there wasn't a fence between him and us, they would have both been pretty worried.  I wasn't scared.  (I wasn't)  We also saw a snake in the long grass but green snakes in green grass don't make for good pictures.  Also I was having the heebie jeebies and it was hard to take a picture when I was mostly concentrating on keeping out of its path all while Kira was yelling, "CATCH IT!  CATCH IT!  IT'S COMING RIGHT TOWARDS YOU!  TAKE A PICTURE!"  It went into the deer/peacock enclosure so thankfully the pressure for catching it and taking it home was off. 

Then a deer fly bit me so we came home.


  1. Uhmmm, why no picture of you on the fish??

  2. Because I'm so chunky and because it's way higher than it looks.


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