Friday, June 18, 2010

The Summer of Self-Improvement: Day 1

I decided to start eating healthy, exercise a LOT, and expand my mind this summer.  It's getting off to a slow start.  Here's what happened. 

1. The power went out for about an hour, so in the interest of keeping the cold in the fridge, had pudding cup(s) for lunch instead of salad. 

2.  Went out to run errands.  Got some gin and some tonic.  Justified it by getting diet tonic and then walking next door to the liquor store instead of driving across the parking lot.

3.  Saw many skinny, wiry marathon runners running all over downtown, getting in a last practice before Grandma's Marathon tomorrow.  Was reminded to carb-up for dinner tonight. 

4.  Saw a morbidly obese woman in the library and told myself that compared to her, I'm in fantastic shape, so there's no rush to start this self-improvement business.

5.  Had to pee super bad, but didn't want to go at the library, so instead of standing around trying to decide what language I would try to learn this summer with my legs crossed wishing I was wearing Depends, walked away from language-tape display and went to "beach reading" display. 

5.  Went to the bathroom anyway because of close call while trying to decide if I've already read that John Grisham book, saw self in the mirror.  Discovered why people say horizontal stripes are unflattering.  One stripe going over one boob and under the other.  Looks like I'm deformed.  Have been walking around like this all day.  

6.  Came home and thought about going on a walk, decided it's too hot and windy and my time would be better spent drinking a gin and tonic and reading a trashy library book on the deck.


  1. Oh girlie, YOUR life... is MY life.

    Kristin G.


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