Thursday, June 17, 2010

A few things...

First of all, and most incredibly; a hummingbird almost flew into Mitch's mouth yesterday.  But that's not even the incredible part, the incredible part is that he says that happens to him all the time.  I don't know about that, but this is what I saw yesterday:  Mitch was on the deck grilling pork chops and he looked in the window and he opened his trap to boss me around, and out of nowhere, a hummingbird flew right through his open mouth from one side to the other!  It was amazing.  Obviously I don't have a picture because it happened in a millisecond and I wasn't expecting it.  DARN! 

Today the kids and I went to a family gathering at my uncle's beautiful house in Side Lake, Minnesota.  It was a mostly beautiful day but the weather got a little scary after our pontoon boat ride.  FYI:  When a pontoon boat says "maximum capacity: 6-8 people," you shouldn't put 13 people on the boat because at times the front end dives down like a submarine and it's kind of scary.  I forgot my camera (DARN!) but my dad took pictures all day and sent me some. 

This one is by far the cutest.  Kira and my niece, Sidney.  

Hey, guess what's nerve-wracking?  An antsy one-year-old who is determined to get over the side of a boat, and Kira assuring us that she'll make sure that doesn't happen. 

This is further evidence that I am the most un-photogenic person on the planet:

In case you're thinking that I was making a stupid face for the camera, I wasn't.  I didn't even know he was taking this picture.  This is apparently how I look sometimes.  Like Dave Matthews when he sings, but not only when I sing, all the time.

Dave Matthews.  Dork.

This is the group photo.  It was not done professionally as you can probably tell because there is an unidentifiable person behind the pole.  My favorite part of this picture is my sister Beth showing us her muscle.

Wow, Beth!  Impressive!


  1. 1. Sidney is gorgeous.
    2. Kira looks like she thinks she could really catch that 20 pound baby with the tiny blue strap.
    3. Nice face.
    4. I think Beth is really getting a message from her friend, the hand.
    5. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE submit it to Awkward Family Photos.

  2. You're right Kady, Sid is gorgeous, and naughty and hilarious too.

    "Nice face." LOL! Seriously though, what do you think is wrong with me? Do I have a palsy nobody ever told me about?

    I am dying to hear Beth's explanation for this picture. Well, Beth? What's your story?

  3. I like the hummingbird story.

    It's not easy taking pictures on a boat.

  4. I wasn't showing off my awesome muscle I was in the midst of putting my arm around Donna so it just looks like I was puttin' on a gun show.

  5. I love Lorin's look in the picture.

  6. Looks like a fun time! And yup, Dave Matthews is a dork.

  7. Yeah, That is my favorite picture of Lorin.

  8. Are you making that Ricky-Gervais-dancing face in both pictures? You do not look like Ricky Gervais in real life. Who's behind the pillar on the left?

  9. Sarah, yes I do appear to be making a variation on the same face in both pictures. Thank you for saying I don't look like Ricky Gervais in real life. Something strange seems to happen to me when I'm in the proximity of a camera though. Unfortunate. Lorin is behind the pillar.

  10. I am rolling laughing!!!!!!!

  11. Thanks, Jane. I was just thinking about you today. Did you finish all the Twilight books? I watched Twilight and New Moon again in preparation for the third movie coming out. I CAN'T WAIT!


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