Friday, June 4, 2010

Bye, Wisdom Teeth

Goodbye Wisdom Teeth, you assholes.  I hope I live to gloat at your demise. 


  1. Just popped thru from your post at Diary..! You are a riot, Glad to meet you!

  2. A) Wisdom teeth are tiny little bastards, aren't they?

    B) I read your post at Diary of a Mad Bathroom and very much enjoyed it. I hope your teenage son does not spaz out and lose all his neurons to that crazy ass rap music.

  3. I had mine ripped from my skull - all 4 of them -mind you when I was in High School.
    Good luck!
    Wonder what the tooth fairy will bring?

  4. Hi guys! Nice to meet you too MOTPG, and Sara!

    Jane, the tooth fairy got me New Moon and a new iPod case so I can wear it around my arm when I jog.


    Really for when I mow. And of course Vicodin. Sweet sweet Vicodin.


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