Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I'm feeling a bit blue because I'm coming down from such a fantastic trip to Washington D.C.  You know how that is, you look forward to something for so long and once it's over it's like "Oh crap, it's over."  I really love Washington.  I think I could live there. 

I'm also a little bit depressed about the election.  I hate politics so much.  I'm depressed because our representative, Jim Oberstar, a POWERFUL Democrat with lots of seniority got beat by a guy who seems pretty normal (in his commercials), but I listened to a debate and he told lies about how Oberstar was trying to "federalize" every field that has water on it at any time during the year by calling it a wetland, and taking it out of state control and putting it in federal control under the umbrella of the Clean Water Act.  Just a bald-faced lie/scare tactic and that depresses the shit out of me. 

And I shoveled a bunch of bullshit snow off the deck today.  SNOW!!!

Now nothing is on TV so Mitch and I are watching a weird show with Kirk Cameron telling the secrets to more effective street-evangelizing.  Like giving people million dollar bills with the Lord's message on the back.  He says to give them to waiters.  Then the waiters are all, "Hey, thanks! Wait a minute, what the fuck is this bullshit million dollar bill?  I'm totally spitting in your food if you ever come here again."  Kirk didn't say that's what the waiters would do, but I've been a waiter(ess) and that's what I'd do if someone gave me an evangelizing fake-million-dollar-bill instead of an actual tip.

That's about it for now, Peeps.  The rest of the week I'll be in a third grade class.  That should be fun. 


  1. He's the wrong messenger from Growing Pains. I'd prefer that Boner told me what to do with my life. God bless his soul.

  2. I thought it was "bold"-faced lie?

  3. Yeah, Johnny, Kirk turned out to be the real boner.

    Kady, you had me worried so I looked it up and it is bald-faced because business men back in the day wore beards so you couldn't see their facial expressions (i.e. lying) and someone who could effectively lie without a beard was said to be a bald-faced liar (i.e. a really good liar). Chip Cravaack doesn't have a beard therefore, he is a bald-faced liar. If he had a beard, I would have to concede that he is a bold faced liar.

  4. I've said bald faced lie my whole life and everyone always told me I was wrong. And guess what? I'm not. Thank you Sarah. :)

  5. I didn't see in your blog that you were depressed ALSO because you had to say goodbye to your FAVORITE sister. So I'll just assume that's part of it too.... (and if you reply with a comment about Beth, you're SOOOOO predictable...)


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