Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! In honor of the holiday I'm posting pics of people I know dressed up, not necessarily on Halloween.

Halloween circa 1979, Beth is the bunny, Amy is the witch and I'm the Klan member.  Actually I was a ghost but for some reason the eye holes wouldn't stay put (might have had something to do with the giant glasses) so my mom tied a cord around my neck.  Don't know how to explain away the point.

Amy and my dad and some faceless penguin in front of their giant egg.

Amy and Beth dressed up as ballerinas for a dance recital.  Can you believe they were in dance?????? (CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP)

Sam as Harry Potter.  Wield that wand, Boy!

My kids being HILARIOUS.

Beth wearing her baby's hat.

Me dressed as a dork for Snoball, "89.  No, I'm not wearing a beret.  That's just my hair.

 Us three girls dressed up for an skating show.  Amy's a flower, I'm part of a rainbow, and Beth is a KKKlan member.  Or a crayon. 

This oldie but goodie.

I tried to make the "burkini" take off, but to no avail.  Don't make any sassy comments about "fat"wa, because I've already thought of it and now you won't seem clever.


  1. Wow, there were so many choices as to my favorite. I believe I will choose the barbershop pole hooker with cap.

    But it was close. And you are one brave woman for sharing.

  2. LOL! The Ballerina is the best!

  3. I like how I'm wearing my work safety glasses complete with side shields in the hat picture...nerd.


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