Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We had a big storm last weekend (don't say "no shit, Sherlock!" to me.  It's not nice.)  We didn't get the snow that people got in the southern portion of the state, but we got a lot of wind.  When it gets windy around here Lake Superior gets terrifying.  Kira and I went out for a while the other day and took some pictures and movies of the lake.

This is Kira next to a little boat that sells popsicles and hot dogs in the summer time.  The lake side of this boat is coated in several inches of ice.  FREAKY!

Here is the same boat from the front.  The lake side is coated in ice, but the other side is totally clear.  Isn't that weird?  I mean that the line would be so precise?  Hm.  I think it's weird.  

This is the harbor lift bridge.  They paint it in the winter when the shipping traffic stops.  The tarps they put up got ripped into tatters in the wind.  For some reason Kira is fascinated by this.  She keeps saying, "OH MY GOD, I bet those guys are so cold!"  I think she thinks they live in there.  They don't.  

Kira on top of a rock coated with about two inches of ice.  She kept saying, "Come up here!  It's so fun!"  Out behind her is the lake. The wind blew tons and tons of ice to the end of the lake where the harbor is.  It was weird because the waves under the ice were huge and you could see the ice rising and falling.  It is covered with broken ice chunks for about a mile.  

After we were at the harbor for a while, we drove up the shore a ways so we could see some open water and some waves. This picture was taken at Brighton Beach, where we swam last summer:

Those rocks were hot last summer.  Felt good on the feet.  After seeing it yesterday I can't believe it will ever be warm again.  

Here's a movie I took.  The wind is so loud it's kind of annoying so turn the volume down.

Be nice to Kira or she will do that to your head.


  1. Duluth has to be the coldest place EVER in the winter. Where are you from Eva?

  2. I can't even imagine ice on a beach - that's weird!


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