Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day List: Brothers with whom I'd have a threesie

1.  The Kratt brothers.

The Kratt brothers (on far right and far left)
2.  The Keno twins from Antique Road Show.

Niiiiiiiicccce cheeeeeeesssssstttt....
3.  Owen and Luke Wilson.

Hey guys, lose the old-timey hats and let's get this party started...
4.  Leo DiCaprio and Matt Damon.  What's that you say?  They are not brothers?  Are you sure???

Boys, boys, don't fight... shhhhhh...there's enough for everyone...
5.  Mario and Luigi

Oh, and btw, when I say threesie I, of course, mean people that I'd be willing to share a heart shaped box of chocolates with:

What were you thinking of?



  1. Ok... I wouldn't share my... er... chocolates with the road show guys, but othwise, I'm with ya!

    Well... not literally...

  2. Haha! I am with you on Matt and Leo.

  3. i'm with you on the keno brothers and wilsons. i'd also like to add alec baldwin and any of this brothers (even the lesser baldwins are pretty cute...)

  4. Corine called them the Crap Brothers when she was younger.

  5. That was funny, but I don't share chocolate with anyone!

  6. Eva and Steph, I don't share chocolate either. I'd much rather have a real threesie with a couple of mediocre brothers than share candy with hot brothers like the Kenos. Mitch says that the Kenos would just undress me and discuss my structural quality with each other. "Nice dovetailing!" "100% original!" "beautiful patina!"

    Amanda, I could get behind you on the Baldwin bros. (not literally)

    Anne, next time Corine calls them the "Craps," slap her little face.

    Kristina, yeah, Matt and Leo are the best.

    Jane, THANKS!


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