Thursday, February 3, 2011

Guess what this is?

Okay, I'll just tell you.  They are the staples that held my poor Grandma's head wound closed after her brain surgery.  She had them taken out today and when the nurse wheeled her into the waiting room Gram looked at me and said to the nurse, "Can I keep my staples?" and the nurse was like, "" and Gram said, "I want my staples," so the nurse went back in and I imagine dug them out of the trash and brought them out to her in a little box.  Then Gram handed them to me and said, "Here.  These are for you."  So I get to keep them!

This may seem weird to you, but one time Kira and I were obsessively lusting after a scab my grandma had on her knee because we LOVE to pick scabs, and let me tell you something, that particular scab was a BEAUTY, perfectly round, dry and thick.  Gram wouldn't let us pick it and Kira asked if when it finally came off if Gram would send it to us.  We couldn't go that far, but Gram must have remembered our love of healing wounds and was thoughtful enough to share her head staples with us.

Jealous?  Hey!  Maybe I could have a blog giveaway!  Become a new follower and I'll send you a staple!  And if you get two friends to become followers, I'll give you one that has skin on it!  (But act fast, only two have skin left on them!)


  1. Disturbing and hilarous all at once.

    Hope your Gram is doing better now.

    Doesn't the US Postal system have some crackdown on DNA through the mail? lol

  2. There is something very wrong here! lol

  3. All of my coffee is coming back up my throat this morning. Thanks Sarah.


  4. I know what I'm getting you for Christmas next year!! My surgery is in March and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't into labor before that because the on-call doc uses stitches:(

  5. Oh Sarah, I just love you! You have no idea the things I keep in baggies in a special box in my closet! Besides the baby teeth from my children, I also have lots of other gross things like ear crusties from my niece that I will give her at some special occasion, you know like when I want to embarrass her. I label them too, so I know which kid it belongs to. Just keeping it real! Love your blog!

  6. Perhaps Jane from "Janes Junk and Treasures" would have a use for the staples since they are clearly a treasure...

    (You're gross and if I ever see the staples I will punch you in the neck)

  7. I have the produce of one of my grandpa's blackheads in a ziplock bag in my drawer.

    Since he died, it's all I have left...

  8. Why IS Kira so weird?? hmm, no idea.


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