Saturday, March 5, 2011

Blog business

Hi Fellas.  I know most of you who read this aren't fellas, but gals, but I felt like saying fellas because I just don't know why.  That reminds me of this one time when Sam was about three years old and we saw him talking to some people we didn't know so we asked him who those people were and he said, "Oh, they're just folk."  He was so friendly and cute.  I'm shocked nobody tried to kidnap him.  But I suppose every mother is a little insulted that more people don't envy their perfect children.

Okay, blog business.  I am starting a new feature on my blog where I interview (lamely) either a commenter or a follower and link to their blog (or if they don't have a blog, their favorite blog).  It's my way of "giving back" (now I hate myself just a little for using the phrase "giving back" like a douchebag) to the people who are nice enough to read my blog or click the follow button.  Partially it's because I want to get to know you people a little better, but mostly it's because I've been stuck on 59 followers and I either need to get up to 60 or just delete the follower feature off my sidebar because having 59 BUGS ME.

Also, I read somewhere that March is the biggest dieting month of the year so I thought this would be a good time to remind you all of the diet blog I contribute to, The Chunkersons.  I posted just this evening about my big eating extravaganza yesterday and also how I just finished reading a book about the Donner Party and because I'm so hungry, I can't stop myself from having unwelcome thoughts about what parts of Mitch would taste the best. (shoulders, hams.)  But I've lost nine pounds so far and my pants aren't fart-inducingly tight anymore so that's good, right?  That's totally worth having cannibalistic urges isn't it?  ISN'T IT?


  1. Diets suck. Which is why I'm no where near svelte!

  2. Sorry to hear that you have the tummy growlies, but 9 lbs is great!

  3. "cannibalistic urges" = hilarious

  4. you're officially at 61 followers...

    dreams are coming true.

  5. I can't say which body part I would eat because then I wouldn't be allowed back to your blog.

  6. 63 followers! Yeah! Thank you to Brutalism for giving me a shout out! Not to be ungrateful, but now I have to get up to 70 or else being somewhere in the 60s will bug me.


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