Friday, March 25, 2011

My Blog Friend KADY!

This week my featured blog friend is Kady from A Lady Reveals Nothing.  She is one of my favorite bloggers, and she is actually the person who got me in to blogging in the first place.  She is HILAR!  She is a world traveler, loves good food, a nice bathroom and the occasional human pyramid (that is not even a euphemism for something kinky,  I don't think, it's actual human pyramids.)

Currently she is in Central America somewhere, getting ready to visit Machu Picchu.  I sent her my interview questions over a week ago and she just got back to me today which was kind of chapping my hide because yeah, yeah, yeah, traveling in the jungle yadda yadda, not a lot of internet service blah blah blah.  Whatever!  What's more important?  Your adventures and lifelong memories or my blog, huh? HUH?  

Here's our interview:

Me:  You travel a lot. What is your favorite place you've been? Why?

Kady:  I think New Zealand. EEK this question is tough, because I love everywhere! And everybody! But New Zealand was amaze-balls. There's no pesky language barrier, and it's fun driving on the wrong side of the road and the wrong side of the car.

Kady enjoying the natural beauty of New Zealand
Me: What is the most embarrassing cultural faux pas you've made on your travels?

Kady:  [talking about a trip to the flea market in Angkor WatA short little tiny girl came up to me and showed me some keychains and stuff in her hands, beckoning me to her store.  "Do you like my things?  Do you want to buy my things?", she said, and no, I did not want to buy her things, but she was ADORABLE.

I proceeded to say, "I like YOU!" (in baby talk) and poked her in the arm.  "You are so CUTE!", (in baby talk) and I poked her again.  She asked me again if I would like to buy something, and I continued pinching and squeezing and squinching her and calling her adorable and cute and saying that I liked her every time she asked me if I liked her stuff.  This went on for a long time.  I was about to ask her why she wasn't in school, but thought better of it, and instead asked her how OLD she was. (In baby talk.)

"Twenty-one".  She replied.

"HAHAHAAAAAAhahahahaaaHHHAAAA!!  Good one!"  I said.  "No really!  How OLD are you?!" (in baby talk).  *Pinch!

"Twenty-one."  She replied.  "I have a son.  He is 13 months old." She said.

Now her friend agreed and confirmed. "She's twenty-one."

"No WAY!  Not possible.  REALLY??  How old is she?!" (in baby talk).  *Poke!

I would not stop.  Until finally I looked closer at her tiny little face and realized that in fact she did look pretty old.  But now come on, she was like four feet tall.  Then I insisted on a photo and look how pissed off she is.

Me:  I love that story!  I have to admire you for getting a picture with her.  You look so happy and she does look a little p.o.ed.  Okay, next question:  What is the most dangerous thing you've done on your travels (or not on your travels)?

Kady:  On a trip to London, I broke from Kim and our two other friends for some alone time.  We agreed to meet back at 5pm in front of the British Museum.  I got my hair cut, bought some jewelry, and then found an Internet Cafe where I checked my email, and surfed around.  The man sitting next to me asked if I was an American.  "Why yes", I told him and then we got into a conversation about a new game that he was working on. He really wanted to break it into the American market. It was an internet based game, but he would love to show me the mocked-up literal version, and would I like to join him for some coffee?  "Why yes", I told him.  He was probably mid-fifties, from Austria, and spoke in the coolest thick Arnold-Schwarzeneggar-accented English.

I finished up on the Internet, and then followed him out onto the street. We walked a couple of blocks down the busy street past shops and then down a side street. I kept on-a-following him even into the alley off the side street. No coffee shops anywhere. No shops anywhere. 

Me:  Uh oh...

Kady:  Keep in mind that this was back in the days before International calling plans, and so I didn’t have a phone with me. Soon we arrived at an unmarked door, which led into a stairwell. A stairwell under construction. There were plastic sheets hanging from the ceiling, draped in the way.

Me:  OH MY GOD!  You mean like a Dexter style "kill room???"  You turned around and ran, right???

Kady:   I kept on-a-following him right on up, contorting myself to avoid the scaffolding. It wasn’t until the second story that the self-preserving thought popped into my head: "this doesn’t feel right." Did I turn and run? 

Me:  DID YOU???

Kady:  NO! I wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings! Just then, he opened another door, and there we were, in the coffee shop. Where he bought me a coffee and showed me his game.  Then we shook hands and parted ways and I safely met Kim at 5pm.  In front of the British Museum.  As planned.

Me:  Oh geez.  Your parents are going to be ticked when they read that story.  But it turned out not to be dangerous at all.  I think what you did last week might be more dangerous:

This is a picture of you getting an injection of "vitamin B" from a doctor some guy outside a women's bathroom in Central America.  That seems a little more dangerous than having coffee with an Austrian and playing a computer game.  

Okay, back to the questions:  What are your five favorite blogs?

Kady:, So What Else? (and I'm not just saying that) (I am so jealous of this girl and her blog.), and
How many is that?

Me:  That's um...five (???), and you're so sweet, (of course I'm choosing to interview only people who like me and even if you didn't say you loved my blog I'd write it in that you did anyway.)  I also LOVE Brutalism's blog at  She is hilarious!

Okay, final question:  Why don't you have a super-popular travel show? Then you could be paid to travel and you'd be a great show host. It would be like Fear Factor on the road. Or An Idiot Abroad, have you seen that? I'd watch your travel show.

Kady:  I suppose because I don't know how to count? Seriously, I have fantasized about this subject a ton (p.s. my show would have been called "An Idiot Travels the World" before what's-his-face stole it), but I realized it wouldn't work. I think sometimes 'extreme extroverts' don't have a ton of 'confidence' when people are 'looking at them'. I suppose this is also the answer to the question of "why do you do ugly face whenever somebody is taking a photo of you?" 

Ugly face?  Whatever do you mean?
Another good answer to both questions would be, "I don't know. So?"
Maybe I'm more suited to radio. Do you have any influence at the radio? I should see if I can get a hold of Larry Banister. (ooh snap! an International Falls circa 1990 reference!)

Me:  Yeah, good one.  The nerdiest DJ name in the history of DJ names.  Named himself after a railing.  No, you are not suited to radio because when something like this happens:

I want to see it on TV.  

Thank you so much for answering all my questions!  I hope you get a million followers and someday, FINALLY get your own show!  It would be the funniest thing on TV.  Check her out everybody!


  1. I know Larry Banister, and you, my dear, are no Larry Banister! ha ha..only kidding, Kady! Great interview, and that story about the little "girl" is something I totally would have done..

  2. Her little adventure in London totally freakede me out...think: "white slave trader."

  3. Dana McKibbage WaldbilligMarch 26, 2011 at 9:37 AM

    I'm thinking the occasional 'video blog' would make everyone really happy! Go get a Flip, if you do't already have one, and post clips of the things words (or radio) just won't do justice! I would have paid good money to see that blue suit going on (not in a kinky way. I'm just sayin'...)

  4. HA! Thanks Sarah! You chose all of my favorite favorite photos. And the lovely comments, all. I have thought about a video situation because there's really no way to photograph the little Nicaraguan forefinger wave (to say oh HELL no) that I've picked up.

    I'm still a little starstruck from the comment by Sarah Von from did she? When did she? What the?

  5. Great interview - full of fun facts, terror [STOP FOLLOWING AUSTRIAN MAN!!] and cool photos!

  6. Holy Crap I love this woman. I'm so glad she did not perish in the London Dexter's kill room...

  7. Brutalism noticed me!! I feel like Angela Chase when Jordan Catalano totally grabbed her hand in the hallway in front of EVERYONE.


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