Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More Prolife Across America billboard weirdness

When I was driving the other day I saw another one of Prolife Across America's billboards.

"OMG, I dreamed that I was grown up and I had no reproductive rights!
 Then I woke up relieved because, Whew!  I'm a boy!

I suppose year after year of trying to convince women not to abort their pregnancies can get a little tedious so they have to come up with new and original ideas but why so strange?  How does anyone know that the little fetuses are dreaming at all much less at the specific time of 17 weeks from conception?  I suspect they are just making this stuff up.  When I was looking for this picture I found another billboard that I have not actually seen in real life and I'm glad I haven't because if I saw it while driving I would probably crash my car for all of it's weirdness:

The other billboards are about heartbeats, and dreams and being the boss of the house, but this one is about arms.  That seems strange.  This little biker baby was happiest 28 days after conception when he could stick his little arm buds out and pretend to be riding the Harley Davidson he'd been dreaming about. (oops, sorry, he didn't dream of his Harley until 17 weeks.  Sorry Fetus!  You might have arm buds, but you won't be able to dream of your Harley for 91 more days! Ha-ha, little Fetus!)


  1. You're right! Those are very, very strange.

  2. There's something very creepy about all this. I'd rather talk about chickens or think about fluffy little kittens.

  3. Man I agree with Ink was thinking the same thing,
    very creepy!

  4. Thank God we can still kill babies in this country. Fuck ya!


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