Monday, March 14, 2011

My Blog Friend JANE!

Hi Everyone!  I just returned from International Falls where I was being AUNT OF THE YEAR (suck on that, Amy) It's time to write another installment of my new blog feature where I interview a fellow-blogger friend.  This week it is Jane from Jane's Junk and Treasures.  She's been visiting my blog for a long long time and she really likes when I write about Kira.  She thinks Kira is pretty special which is good because now when I send Kira to Colorado to spend two weeks with Jane this summer she'll be excited and not feel inconvenienced and taken-advantage of.  Win Win! 

Here's my interview with Jane.

Me:  Hi Jane!  Thanks for agreeing to answer my questions!  If you wouldn't have agreed to it I would have been forced to use my own answers which, I'm afraid, might have made you look a little weird.  So Whew!  Dodged that bullet!  Okay, here we go.  What are your three best qualities?

Jane:  I'm kind of like Snow White, animals love me!  Seriously, the just come around me!  I can talk to them and they talk to me. They don't break out in song or anything like they do with Snow White because, well,  because that would be crazy.

Me:  I'm kind of jealous of that because I like animals but the only ones that really are drawn to me seem to be mice.  And they don't like to hang around with me and be delightful and help me sew nice dresses, they mostly like to poop tons and tons of little pellets in my house. Okay, what else?

Jane:  I'm planning my 30 year class reunion this summer, with no help, for 650 people, all whom I found on Facebook!  Every single person has offered up which dates work for them and which place they would like the reunion party, BUT of course  they don't want to spend more than $40 per person.......and want a full dinner, dancing and an OPEN bar...........

The fact that I haven't stabbed, bludgeoned or just slapped one of my fellow classmates is a FINE quality!!!

Me:  I agree!  I, on the other hand, would rather rot in hell than plan a class reunion, and I think several of my classmates are constantly holding back from slapping me at all times.  Okay, that's two great things about you, one more...

Jane:  I will re-arrange your furniture and knick knacks in your house whether you ask to or not. 
The Boyfriend says it's rude but when I'm done, trust me your house will look much better!

Me:  I believe it!  I've seen some of the closets you've organized.  What would you suggest I do with this?

Jane: ....

Me:  ...Well.  Okay.  Moving on:  You do lots of cool projects in and around your home.  What was your favorite?

Jane:  Everything!! It was a broken down horribly decorated hot mess!!!  It had navy blue carpet in the living room and hunter green carpet in the bedroom!!  Really, no one favorite thing!  I love to come home to my little house!  And to get mushy, there is no place I'd rather be than in my fact I'm not leaving.....what's that called...?

Me:  I think that's called agoraphobia or in lay terms, "being a nutcase."  Just kidding.  You're not a nutcase!


Here are some pics:

Me:  VERY cute!  But I have a question, where do you keep your piles of clean but not quite folded laundry if not on the living room couch?  

Jane: I know.... my best idea I did.....every door has an antique door knob and none of them match!! I love it!!

Me:  What do you think is the scariest: a serial killer, a tax audit, or a bear?

Jane:  Serial killer........ I'm too into those shows and Dexter. Nope not scary.

I don't make any money so the IRS will never bother me, I'd be a waste of their time.

Bears.......Sarah it's bears that brought us together in blog land to the wonderful friends we are today!

I did see a movie in Jr High called Grizzly, that scared the crap out of me!!!
Of course the bear shredded each of the unsuspecting teenagers, camping in the woods that was clearly marked Beware of Bears!!!

Me:  Anyone who sees a sign that says "Beware of Bears" and goes right on ahead and camps there anyway deserves to have their faces eaten.  You are totally right.  Bears are the scariest. 

What are your five favorite blogs? 

Jane:  All of the decorating blogs out there!  There are millions!!  Seriously!!  These women are crazy good and creative.  Go to my side bar or my dashboard and hit any of them!!  I guarantee you'll find something you like!

Mamie Jane is amazing!  And her name is Jane!

The Bloggess, Jenny's mind works in such mysterious amazing ways!  She makes me laugh!

Me:  I love the Bloggess.  She's one of my faves too.

Motherhood In New York City - Marinka - Hilar i ous!!!

And of course YOU!! 

Me:  Awwww...

Jane:  Sarah you make me snort, sometimes I laugh so hard at you, or is it, with you I have tears.

Me:  You're so sweet... Go on...

Jane:  And your daughter, just plain weird!! And I mean that in an affectionate way! (We'll see how affectionate you feel about her at the end of the summer.  Did I say I'd send her to you for two weeks?  I meant two three months.  Enjoy!)

Me:  If you could have dinner with any person in the world, living or dead (they'd be alive for your dinner), who would it be and why?

The first name that came to mind was Oprah.  
But now that I've seen that behind the scene Oprah on OWN, the OP seems kind of bossy, and I'm all OPRAH!! King of the worldish .........

The Donald! Have you seen his place!! Really, all that gold, so tacky!  He needs me!

Me:  He needs something, but I think he might benefit more from a haircut and a punch in the face than a home makeover.

Jane:  Thanks, Sarah, for the interview!

Me:  You are so welcome, and thank you for being interviewed!

Jane:  I threw in one last picture of Sweet Pea, my very wise chicken!

Me:  Now I feel like I have to also put up a picture of my old chicken (rooster) Stuart, who wasn't wise as much as he was homicidal and a serial chicken-rapist. Not the best pet or coop-mate.  Sweet Pea is lucky she never met him.  But talk about handsome!

Jane:  If I'm ever up your way I'll  stop by and re-arrange your house!

Me:  ANY TIME!  

Next week I'm going to interview I don't know who yet!  Do you want to be interviewed?  Well, do you?
Okay KADY!  You're on!


  1. LMAO here. Chicken rapist?! OMG. Yet so very handsome, yes. O.M.G. And Jane can rearrange my loft anytime. As long as she doesn't put mirrors on every wall at every angle. That'd be some scary shit right there.

  2. Fun interview! Jane can rearrange my whole house and I'll bet it'll come out looking a whole lot better...especially if she's into cleaning, also.

  3. Sarah,
    STUART!!!! That is so funny!! I love the name!!
    And those Roosters can be quite rude to the girls!!
    And yes he is a looker!!

  4. His name was formally Stuart, but we called him Stu. I think Mitch called him Stew, but he was too disgusting in his personality and his personal hygiene to even joke about eating.

  5. Great interview!
    I love Jane:)
    I have two chicken rapist! They are such horny things. My poor girls I have 14 of them. I am soon going to have my first batch of chicks. Only 16 days to go!

    Enjoyed your post :)

  6. You two are funny together! Enjoy - got yellow squash fritters in the frying pan and sweet 'tater pie in the oven... later ladies...


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