Thursday, March 3, 2011

More third graders

I had another good day with the third graders.  One of the things they did today that made me laugh was during a vocabulary quiz.  They were supposed to match the word to the definition.  One of the words was "decent" and the definition that was supposed to match it was, "what you might call a good and fair person,"  and another w was "inherit"  and the definition that matched it was "receiving a gift of money or property from a family member."  About two thirds of the kids said that they thought getting a gift of money or property from a family member was decent.  I don't know.  It made me laugh.

And then later we were reading about San Francisco and we got to the end of the chapter and there were some questions and one of them was, "Do you have any stories about your community?" and whenever they are asked to tell a story, every hand shoots up in the air.  I chose five kids to share their stories with us.  My favorite was from a kid who said the following:

"One time at my house we got a big box delivered to us and I asked my dad what was in it and he told me to look, and he threw me his pocket knife.  I cut the tape on the box open really fast and accidentally cut my hand right here (pointing to his hand).  Boy did it ever bleed!  My mom saw it and said, "What the H did you give him a knife for?" and my dad said that he didn't think I'd cut my hand open.  Then I had to go to the hospital."


  1. Well now I love third graders too.

  2. My uncle Ronnie loaned me his pocket knife once when I was in third grade and I whacked a chunk of my finger off. My mother wanted to behead him. Ronnie just laughed. I believe your story and mine both exhibit a flaw in the male thought process.

  3. My grandson came home and told his mother that Johnny's Mommy cant' drive anymore. When he was asked why, he responded, "Because she put the pedal to the medal one too many times and the cops took her license away."


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