Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another picture of MEEEEE!

Remember when I told you I am the most unphotogenic person in the world and you said to yourself, "Face it honey, you're just not as good looking as you think," but then felt bad for being so snotty?  Well, I may not have the face (or body) of a supermodel, but I really really am unphotogenic and it is well known in my family.  After my Grandma died and we were super sad and cleaning out her apartment, we were looking through her photo albums and my aunt would giggle quietly to herself and then show me a picture of my Grandma and me where I look like a total fool (every picture) and say, "This is a good one of you."  Some of them my face looked like I was a serial killer, some of them my hair was sticking out in tufts from my temples for no reason, and some of them I was in adolescence.  Mostly I just looked incredibly fat.

Well, I sent her a picture of my sister and I and Corn Husk Lady and this is what she said, "Whoa!  CUTE PICTURE OF YOU!  WTF!"  and I don't know if she is being sarcastic like when she was looking at the picture of me and my grandma when I was in my twenties but was wearing a polka-dotted dress fit for a toddler and for some reason was making my mouth like I had an overbite and no lips, or if she really means it.  You be the judge.  

Other than the fact that my left eye socket looks empty, it's not too bad!


  1. I think she meant it too. It is a good picture!

  2. Auntie herself says: Totally serious. You have always been a cutie in person. (Stop making gagging sounds. I mean it.) But you truly are one of the least photogenic people I know. In fact, you're cuter than in this good picture.

  3. it's a great shot. the trick to taking good photos is to smile with your eyes. per tyra banks.


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