Saturday, April 20, 2013

This April Sucks

What a shitty week!  Yesterday I neglected to bathe all day and I wallowed in my own filth because we had a snow day because we got two feet of snow (NO SHIT),

My clothesline.  No April-freshness around here this year.

and I was too busy monitoring the MANHUNT! (thanks, ABC) for the Boston bomber.  I'm really really glad they got that guy who did the bombings and that he's still alive.  The whole time I was sucked in to watching a bunch of cops standing around (hours and hours and hours) and listening to media personalities ad lib (hours and hours and hours) I was thinking two things: 1) They shut down an entire metropolitan area for a stupid teenager??? and 2) I REALLY need a shower.

Although I was totally sucked in to the media frenzy surrounding the MANHUNT! I worry that giving awful things like that so much attention encourages more crazies to come out and show how crazy they really are.  Not only "big crazy," like hurting masses of strangers, but also "little crazy."  Take, for instance, Chuck Woolery from the show Love Connection back in the '80s.

Chuck Woolery (on the right)
Yesterday he tweeted:

Okay, crazy.  Thanks, that really helps.  When he's not strangling cats for cameras, he's coming up with inflammatory conspiracy theories.

And this on Facebook from someone related to me:

Huh?  I haven't drunk Kool-Aid in years and years.  Thanks for the memories!  Now, what the hell are you talking about?

So not only was I filthy, wasting an entire day, and learning that beloved '80s icons and relatives are racist jingoists, but now I was really craving Kool-Aid and couldn't go out because of the blizzard!  Arg!

But in my intense research of the Boston Bombings I also learned that the guy from the wheelchair picture on the day of the bombing:

is named Jeff Bauman Jr.  He lost both his legs below the knees in the bombing but when he came-to after his first surgery in the hospital he was able to communicate to his brother that he saw the bomber and could identify him.  His statement helped the FBI figure out who did it.  Incredible.  And the guy in the cowboy hat helped save Jeff's life by wrapping his legs in tourniquets and then pinching off an artery (pictured) on the way to the hospital.  Jeff is in for a lot of medical treatment, rehabilitation, and prosthetics.  One of his friends started a site for him where you can contribute and help pay his medical expenses and write him a note.

So visit the site.  Contribute a few bucks.  Write him a note.

And if you have the time and inclination, tell the Chuck Woolerys and racist relatives of the world to go fuck themselves.


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