Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Why I wish it would stop snowing:

1.  I made a snowman for the joy of watching it melt and I hurt my back lifting up the giant balls because I'm so out of shape because...

2. When it snows I would rather be drinking beer or wine until I fall asleep than doing housework, working out, parenting, being a good human being, etc. etc. (anything really).

3.  If I have to scrape ice of my goddamn windshield one more time I will slash my own tires and set my car on fire.

4.  The watery dogshit in the yard is multyplying exponentially with every new snowfall we get.  I can feel it. 

5.  The pure depression of yet another snowfall almost caused me to impulse-buy a baby duck.  Kira was all for it.

6. I'm sick of Mitch telling me how many inches I'll be getting every night.   

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